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Your Silence

Your Silence
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Sadness crept inside my heart

My mind stood still

On one thought

I could not move

I could not speak

As the tears welled up in my eyes

And my mind wondered off

Trying to find a way out

Out of the sadness

Brought to my heart

I could not understand you

Or why you made me feel this way

But one thing was for sure

You have hit me hard

With your silence

You have hit me hard

With your silence

You have hurt me deep

So sore

So bad

A never ending battle

With your silence

Ignoring me like I was a piece of old furniture

Your silence, more hurtful than words

Your silence, more hurtful

Than the deepest cut

Sadness crept inside of me

Tears inside of my heart

I don’t know why


Your silence has hit me hard

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