He is my dad

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What did I do?!?!

I fell for his trap

I let him know too much.

I wasn’t cautious

Like everyone told me to be.

I thought it would make things better,

But now everything is worse.

It’s causing all my headaches.

It also hurt my heart.

Is it true that your love is all a lie?!?!

Your supposed to be there for me.

I was daddy’s little girl!

Now I hear that all your love was just another lie.

Who is lying??

Is it mom or dad?

It seems to me that you both lie!

How am I supposed to know the truth,

When all you do is lie!!!

I want to see the court papers!?!

Where is my opinion!?!

Does it even count!?!

I’m 13!

My decisions should count!

If court is the answer

I demand to be involved!

You say I was doing better,

until he came again.

The truth will probably never be known.

My family is a mess.

I guess this case will go on and on.

Will I ever have a say in what is ruining my life.

I’m crying myself to sleep again!

I know I broke the law.

If they only saw inside my heart,

the pieces that have fallen.

I demand a saying!

He is my dad!

He is nothing to you, but a part of me!

There has to be some love.

You can’t be that heartless.

You have 5 other kids

And I was the one to be used.

You use me for the joy.

To hurt my mom is all you want!

All the things you say!

Are they true?

Do you even love me!?!?!

What did I do!?!

3 thoughts on “He is my dad”

  1. Aww Faye, you are strong and believe it or not you will get through this as well!! It\’ll just take some time. I know life is tough, just continue to be you=)

  2. it is sad when the ones you thought you could belief turns out to lie to you.but time does heal and the questions that seems to have no answers;the answers might just be right infront of us.just be strong

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