The words left unspoken

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Winter has come & already I want it gone,
tears keep going on & on,
trying to give up on my stupid life,
can’t see the reason to live, not tonight,
As I looked up at the moon I knew that soon I wouldn’t be here,
so I will try to control my tears,
this pain inside me it’s killing me,
this feeling that you left in me,
the words you left unspoken,
now my heart is completely broken,
you had chosen your options not me but her conscious,
as I close my eyes for the last time, I say my last words to god,
I thank him for everything I had, I confess my self before I go,
because I don’t wanna go to hell,
he comes over and talks to me while I lay down on the floor,
He says to me “It’s not your time yet, you have to keep going on,
don’t give up yet, there’s alot to come,
so stay today once again & begin with no mistakes,
try the best that you could do, wish you luck in this new you.”
I say “God I don’t wanna stay it’s too much to say
I don’t wanna live to live then to die.
I don’t wanna cry, it just hurts my heart to know what he did
and he did it for me, I just wanna die and give him back his life
and you could take mine if you give him a chance
I promise you he will do what you say.
Just let him stay and take my life away
because I don’t wanna live if he isn’t there with me”

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