You are my only Exception

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Why when I chose to make the only exception,
it turned out to be so wrong?
I had closed my heart for so long but you came along
and without thinking twice I let you in.
When I thought I was so over shit, so over love
a glance of you broke the wall I had been building for so long.
Why you?
What if someone were more persistent before you?
You are my only exception.
I don’t regret nothing
only that with my heart shattered and my soul tired
I am still caring. Still don’t wanna be alone.
I had closed my eyes, wishing so many time to be with you
I was just dreaming…
A dream that days and days I am hoping in reviving again…
Even now I still can feel your breathe on my neck…
the caresses only know that they exist…
You, it is the only song that my soul can’t stop singing…
Why are you the wrong thing that ever happened to me?

2 thoughts on “You are my only Exception”

  1. everything happens with a purpose in life.we learn out of each and every thing that crosses our path even if we cant see it at times

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