Heaven And Above

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Imagine where the clouds lie

up above the distant sky

heaven where my heart lies,

who will we see when we die?


Imagine what’s behind those clouds,

from up above and all around,

Heaven where my heart lies,

Who will we see when we die?


A light to be found,

So curious but yet,

Not too far from this ground.


Imagine heaven and how it could be

To be filled caressive enchantment,

gratified by long lasting fulfillment

in all our needs.


My heart filled with sustaining love,

theres nothing better left to come.

Still we long to wander ,




One thought on “Heaven And Above”

  1. Your poem actually took me to my childhood days when I use to think why I am not able to touch the sky? What would be up above? Do humans exist there and many more questions which I never got an answer. ;) But as I get older I started to search for an answer for all this questions which sometimes made my life miserable and later on I got to know all the answers which I was looking for, good childhood days when our eyes were only filled with questions anything and everything which appeared to be new to us, we get curious to know. One thing I should say when we don’t get the thing which you’re looking for just don’t stop and keep looking for it, One day we will find the answer. :) Thanks for sharing this simple yet sweet piece. :)

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