Love is Lonely

What You’ve Become

What You’ve Become
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I swear god gave me a head start on life

I’m livin in the future spitting shit that cuts deeper than a sharpened knife,


But I look back and get nothing but the sound of a single hand clap

Crickets and tumbleweed like I’m in the middle of a dessert.

It’s like if it doesn’t rhyme it won’t get a compliment, damn this hurt.


Admit it, all ya want is a couple good metaphors

But I can’t even give those cus ma dictionary got complicated words


I write about me and my views

But if I don’t write about money drugs and bitches. then I do not amuse??

What’s the point of talent if it’s not put to good use

Talking about the same shit, but words in different order, lyrical abuse.


I think these dudes missing wires, blew a fuse in the mainframe ..

But I know I’m gonna hit that top spot, I’m a warrior; Are you not entertained??

So f*ck feelings, and love, for ma fans from this I should refrain?

If I had another shot maybe a different road, I turn it down and do all this again.


I puzzle these pieces and my talent Riddles me this:

” Was there ever a time when rap was from the soul, not from the block? ”

Damn was there something I missed?

If I could ask RAP a question, Damn,

“can u progress?”

I’m tryna work at this, to make ma grand entrance

But how da f*ck can I advance,

when tracks don’t make sense if they don’t get a dance?


I can’t give up, won’t go down

I know I’ll be king, I’ll get that crown

Many have been here where I’m at

But I’m the one that will stay true, that’s a fact.


I’ll be the top, and stay number one

Until then, RAP, I’ve gotta ask,

What have you become ..?