What You’ve Become

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I swear god gave me a head start on life

I’m livin in the future spitting shit that cuts deeper than a sharpened knife,


But I look back and get nothing but the sound of a single hand clap

Crickets and tumbleweed like I’m in the middle of a dessert.

It’s like if it doesn’t rhyme it won’t get a compliment, damn this hurt.


Admit it, all ya want is a couple good metaphors

But I can’t even give those cus ma dictionary got complicated words


I write about me and my views

But if I don’t write about money drugs and bitches. then I do not amuse??

What’s the point of talent if it’s not put to good use

Talking about the same shit, but words in different order, lyrical abuse.


I think these dudes missing wires, blew a fuse in the mainframe ..

But I know I’m gonna hit that top spot, I’m a warrior; Are you not entertained??

So f*ck feelings, and love, for ma fans from this I should refrain?

If I had another shot maybe a different road, I turn it down and do all this again.


I puzzle these pieces and my talent Riddles me this:

” Was there ever a time when rap was from the soul, not from the block? ”

Damn was there something I missed?

If I could ask RAP a question, Damn,

“can u progress?”

I’m tryna work at this, to make ma grand entrance

But how da f*ck can I advance,

when tracks don’t make sense if they don’t get a dance?


I can’t give up, won’t go down

I know I’ll be king, I’ll get that crown

Many have been here where I’m at

But I’m the one that will stay true, that’s a fact.


I’ll be the top, and stay number one

Until then, RAP, I’ve gotta ask,

What have you become ..?

One thought on “What You’ve Become”

  1. Hey that was really a good poem, but frankly speaking at first when I was reading I thought, Is this a poem? Then as I progressed I started enjoying the RAP. ;) I tried to RAP too but I didn’t succeed. ;) I found the writing straight from your heart and not form the brain and maybe that’s the reason it sounded so true and yes really you are true and that is the fact. :) Hope to read many more poems form you.

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