To Dream

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In a world of dreams I stand

I stand to see

To see if I can, but

when I come near it and reach

It’s taken away

Like wind

Blowing past me.

I do not know how to express

How to express my feelings though

In a world of dreams I stand

I stand to only dream

No reality given

No happiness for me

As it is taken away

Right in front of me

How can I say

For me to be happy

For me to be happy

Is only to dream

2 thoughts on “To Dream”

  1. I really like this poem, probably because it\’s talking about a world of dreams:) Wouldn\’t it be nice to have everything we wanted, no sickness, and for us to be happy?? You can and will be happy Jazz, I don\’t know the reasons, but it can happen!! It can be more than a dream=)

  2. your so sweet.yes it would be nice to have no stress and sickness.thank you for saying that and i hope that too.maybe it will be a happiness unexpected.

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