Wish to be whom I used to be </3

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My mom had told me from a start to let you go,
to take a break, and walk away from you,
I didn’t wanna listen ’cause I thought she was wrong,
I didn’t want to believe in reality,
I wanted to keep dreaming in my own fairytale,
where it was just you and me.
Thinking back on that night when I wanted to die
’cause I hated my life,
words without meaning, tears without wonder,
lies that you said, broken hearted you have left me,
tears dropping quickly, as I close my eyes,
wishing to end my life,
I don’t know who I am, I don’t know where I stand,
I know it’s so hard to believe that this happened to me,
you left without telling me, you left while I was asleep,
you took my smile, my feelings, my heart away,
you took everything in me & I just wish I could be whom I used to be,
I miss who I was, & if it’s god plan maybe I could be the same someday

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