Window Pain!

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Love is like a window from which I peer!
My heart longs for what now is a fear!
Everything is so beautiful from where I stand!
But will it provide my soul with its demand!
I can open the window and let love blow in!
Or will it just blow back out again?
Do I watch from the side, alone, in a daze?
Or open the window, take a chance, be amazed!
Maybe if I had more to offer from this side of the glass,
I could keep love instead of watching it pass!
For what I see, I have seen but in fear of the key,
Because once opened our souls are either freed,
Or again my heart will bleed!
Not taking chances, I’m taking it slow!
To see which way Love will blow!
Keeping quiet, holding back, going insane,
While watching love from this side of the Window Pain!

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