Happy Birthday

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Life ain’t always what it seems
The saying is what goes up must come down..except self esteem..
And look at you, look at how u turned out
How urĀ feelin, what’s your life about..
Notice any changes? Peepin all the phases?
Where’s the sweet girl, shy girl
The “where she at girl”
What a turn, what a kick flip to your world
How does it feel, feel to be real
F*ck blank tears, so useless
Add another age, n the old you is now one less..
Grasp the idea, this is your new persona..
Scream out, be happy
Look At you acting all like me…
How u like it? Like being free?
Chains been broken
Times been stolen
But get it back
Make it tick rock till its on track
Life’s been missing you
Welcome to the real world
What’s a party now with out my legal girl
Big step u takin, but make no mistake
Glad it took a devil to get with a angel
Look at the woman that makes
u made the wish before the cakes in
Got your strength and learned some lessons..
Now we look back just laughin
Look at all the shit u got in
What an influence in your life I’ve been…
But now its your day..
So party on, party on, take a shot
Girl celebrate..
It’s your birthday, what a day girl
It’s your re birth girl…
welcome to the real world..
I just hope u take this for real
When I tell u it’s only just begun…
Happy birthday, go have some fun
Happy birthday, make this the one
Happy birthday, just own it
Happy birthday, love the moment, it’s never gone.
Enjoy it till life itself is done.

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