End this pain

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A little prayer I say today
for god to take my life away
to end this misery I live each day
to give me a blissful end to this pain
every night as I lay awake
the disease inside me starts to quake
in my misery I go away
a recluse in my head is where I stay
but how much longer can this be
before I end up broken completely
now all that is left is my little poem
the only thing that gives me hope
but every night as I lay awake
I know no one’s watching me die in pain

One thought on “End this pain”

  1. Wow, I can really feel your pain!! I too have many horrible diseases, and you put everything into words in your poem. I can sympathize with you, for I too want my pains to disappear!! I would Love to see more of your work if possible:) Take care of yourself=)

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