I cannot believe this reality

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I am broken inside I am torn apart
You said you would never leave my side
but now you turned against me
and didn’t even say a proper goodbye
you think you know the truth
but you know not you know not
how I stood up for you to the last blink
I defended you I trusted you
I trusted in our love to make this true
I believed we were strong but it turns out to be a lie
now I know I made myself a fool for you
I took the blame but you couldn’t do the same
I thought what we had was true love
but now I know I stood alone all this time
and I feel like a fool for still not believing reality
for still holding on to that hope in my heart
I feel so stupid for not letting you go
even though your gone I still wait for you in unbelief
because I can’t accept the reality of losing you

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