Unconditional Love by Bart Adams

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There’s a friendship that dwells deep down in the heart,
that’s as gentle and pure as a dove.
It’s a friendship that most people dream about,
one that’s filled with unconditional love.

I know you have days filled with doubts and fears,
about the future and its stories untold.
I want you to know that I’ll always be near,
for you to talk to, or lean on, or hold.

When those moments in life seem to much to bear
and that road you’re on has no end.
Close your eyes, breathe in deep and remember,
there’s someone who loves you and is a true friend.

I can’t keep you from tripping or stumbling,
but grasp my hand so that you don’t fall.
Together we can search for the answers,
whether the heartache be a pebble or wall.

Hold the comforting thought at the end of each day,
that just like God up above.
I’ll never abandon or leave you,
because with you it’s unconditional love.

2 thoughts on “Unconditional Love by Bart Adams”

  1. I need to say this was an amazing read which purely talks about friendship … friendship is one of the purest relationship in this world. I mean these are the people who come to our life and be a part of our life without any expectations. Rightly said in the poem ‘unconditional love’ which perfectly fits for this wonderful relationship and that says it all :). Thanks a lot for sharing with us and I dedicate this awesome piece of work to all my friends :)

  2. I’m overwhelmed with this one mate, maybe cuz am in love with my best friend and I know that things can’t work out, and I constantly remind myself or I won’t say remind I’m sure is the better description word I ‘m sure that I can’t let her go no matter what I preferred staying with her friendship on losing her with all the pain I feel and I deal with on daily basis but as you said that’s Unconditional love ….

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