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Have you got no heart No feeling nor shame
Have you not ever thought…..Of the pain?
The pain you give to others The shame you bring to them
The unentles wounds you cause Which can never truly heal
They stay as they were brought by you….to my heart
They catch hold and never leave
How I wonder day by day
Have you got no heart No feeling nor shame
I wonder how How I could have trusted you, loved you
You deceived me Crushed my hopes into dust
You made me see You are no different
No different than those Those who snatched away My childhood, My innocence
Have you got no heart No feeling No shame?

2 thoughts on “NO HEART”

    1. Thank you for always understanding and commenting on my poems and on other peoples poems I do apriciate it and i am sure they do too.I wrote this poem in a combination about two people, the one person was a lover i had but the other one was someone who did something bad to me when i was 9.

      just thought to tell you a bit more about this poem because you are a good friend of mine.

      take care always.

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