The Perfect Guy

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Who can it be
The perfect guy
Where will I find him
The perfect guy
Tall and skinny
Blue or brown eyes
What will he look like
The perfect guy
Stars in the sky
Or sun shining above
When will I meet him
The perfect guy
I bumped into him
Outside in the park
I went with a friend
To her house
Why did I meet him
The perfect guy
Will he be nice
Will he be smart
Will my parents like him
Does he have goals
Does he play sports
Does he want to be
Just friends first
Dreams are dreams
But reality’s the truth
Will there ever be a guy
That I write about in books
A dream is a dream
But dreams can come true
Maybe there is a guy
That is this good
I’ll wait and wait
Till I find
The one I belong with
The perfect guy

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