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Why bother with life
When all you get is pain
Nothing good ever happens
It’s all the same
People breaking your heart
But then you wonder why
Why do you even care
Why do you always cry
People say things
Just to get you mad
They wanna see you cry
They wanna see you sad
Others say they’re your friends
But then they talk shit
When you ask if they’re starting stuff
They always deny it
You hate to go home
Because nobody there cares
You just wanna run away
But then you don’t dare
Almost every night
You go stand outside
Look up at the stars
And think why oh why
Sometimes you just wish
That you were dead
Sometimes you just wish
That you could chop off your head
You’ve cut yourself before
But said you would quit
Now you wonder if you can
While your on your bed and sit
It seems like people
Wanna get you in trouble
Seems like people
Are always pretending
Seems like people
Don’t expect you for you
But then there are
Only those few
Why bother with life
When all you get is pain
Why bother with life
When there’s nothing to gain
You slit your wrist
And punch the walls
Dream you were dead
And you weren’t anything at all

3 thoughts on “Depression”

  1. u might not know happiness but i know pain isn\’t the only 1 that u know all too well…pull through girl cause i feel like i can\’t do it anymore either but i know i want to live and be here for my siblings thats all i live for…besides my hopes to help those who need someone..

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