Is this just a game

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Is there a problem?

Do you have something to say

Why everytime I try to kiss you,

you turn your face away

I can read you, I can see into your heart

Why didn’t I avoid this or stop it from the start

Do you love or is this just a game?

If you should ever leave me I would surely go insane

You’re the air that I breathe,

you’re the food that I eat

Without you in my life

~ Im incomplete~


Love by TORLEY

3 thoughts on “Is this just a game”

  1. mayb he’s not sure if u wanna kiss u or mayb there’s sumthing he don wanna tell u… JUS should try 2 ask him y

  2. sincerely you need to get over your source because if you try to kiss him and he does not
    kiss you back he has a problem

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