Not the Good Guy

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  • I’m not the good guy
  • Got secrets of my own
  • I’m never gonna tell you
  • What lies beneath the surface
  • I’d think you’d run
  • If you really knew
  • What goes on
  • Inside my mind
  • All the time
  • I’m not the good guy
  • Though
  • You like to think I am
  • I hide my true self from you
  • ‘Cause I honestly don’t know
  • What you’d do
  • If you found out
  • What lies beneath
  • That pretty little smile
  • I plaster on my face
  • I’m not a good person
  • I lie to myself
  • And to you
  • Just to prove to¬†you
  • That
  • There’s more to me
  • Than what
  • Meets the eye

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