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What happened between us,
We cannot forget.
The things we did,
Can’t be undone

It’s not written in stone
Nor in our blood,
But embedded in our minds,
The leap of faith we took.

My mind is wrapped
Around what occurred.
It was sweet like chocolate,
Bitter like dark.

Taboos we broke
We cannot mend.
What we did was wrong,
A secret we now share

This sin we shared
Can’t be erased,
Though, we can repent
And start anew.

We both had promised
It wouldn’t be awkward,
We’d still be friends.
You lied.

I see you, everywhere,
So I sew my eyes shut,
But to no avail
For you, are in my head.

My thoughts have grown obsessive
My heart beats your name.
I long to hear your voice again,
To speak my name once more.

My breathing grows shallow
And goose bumps form.
Thinking of us,
Thinking of you.

My love — unrequited,
But for the best.
You’re too important
To lose altogether

Too many forlorn yesterdays
Put my anticipating tomorrows in doubt
Crying in tears of shameful regret,
I pray we can still be friends

With love comes sacrifice,
And my love I would sacrifice
For us to be friends,
To move on and forget.

We can’t change what we’ve started
But we can, together, hand in hand,
Re-write our fate,
And change how it will end.

2 thoughts on “Regret”

  1. I can see how important your love was to you… but we all can have another chance. Nobody is perfect either. I wish and pray your love would come back to you… not as a friend but as your SOULMATE.

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