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With every fiber of my being,
I pray
I dream
I cry.

I pray that our silence breaks,
that we can tear down the walls
Society and you have built.
That we can go back to being friends.

I dream of a simpler time,
When we would joke and laugh
Before we jeopardized our friendship,
Before we took the leap of faith.

I cry for hoping we’d fall in love,
For every second we don’t speak,
For every moment we’re apart,
I cry because to you, we’re no longer friends.

With every fiber of my being,
I miss you.

2 thoughts on “Carter”

  1. Lovely Poem, and I hope you have your friend back, for it seems that you have such heartfelt feelings for this person, which is good:) I don\’t know when you wrote this poem, however I truly wish the best for you!!

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