I’m going to miss you

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Cold-blooded killer you’ve become,
drenched in my blood you gaze at what you’ve done.

I lie before you, stricken with sorrowful cries of despair.
I beg you to help me, to stop and leave me be!

Whatever happened to the love of my life?
Whatever happened to “I love you more than life itself?”

Now you slap me with your broken apologies.
I’m the living lie for you so you can hide your greatest weakness.

You’re afraid to show weakness to show yourself
beyond what is permitted by society by you.

You committed murder before God himself
forcing me to die in vain before your hand.

Yet I can’t hate you the way you want me too.
I love you more than anything, wish I could go back…

Back to everything I knew…the way I still love you Eric I need you…you’re my life..
I’m going to miss you and everything I once had will be lost…

I wish you could be the one to save me…
save me please I’m dying in front of you…

2 thoughts on “I’m going to miss you”

  1. This is a very good and powerful poem!! I really enjoyed reading it. You have a way with words , and you truly do an excellent job with your writhing. I am looking forward to reading some more of your poetry soon, so keep up the good work!! And I hope everything works out for you!! Take care:)

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