Death Of A Poor Soul

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I’m gonna draw a picture, one with a twist
Done with a razor and on my wrist
First, it will start off with a small line
Which will be made into a plus sign
Then I’ll draw a heart with a dash
To show he’s just a piece of trash
I’ve got a broken heart
As I demonstrated from the start
Next, I’ll move on to the second wrist
It’s real hard not to resist
On the first try
It was hard not to cry
It stung and ached like mad
Maybe I should have used a sketch pad
Now that the blood is flowing
I’ve got to keep going
I moved really slow this time
This is not a crime
Then, there was blood everywhere
But I didn’t really care
I knew he wouldn’t care if I died
He’s the reason that I cried
Then the red suddenly stopped
As I carelessly dropped
I’ll just lay here on the floor and be found soon
It’ll be the night of the full moon.

3 thoughts on “Death Of A Poor Soul”

  1. How did you come up with the inspiration to this poem? I personally make poems from stuff that has happened to me in the past; but if this hopefully has not happened to you, then how did you make a poem with such… Feeling and description in it?

  2. Sometimes, when I’m reall bored and depressed, I write poems. This just came from the bottom of my heart, and that day I was feeling a little down in the dumps. And no, this has not happened to me. At all.

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