I Hate You

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I hate you
such a bad thing to say
I know
but you’ve made me this way
cannot believe the things you do
never thought you could
be the person you came to be
how you can be so cold
I will never know
people can see straight through you
I hope you know
your cover has blown away
you no longer have it to hide your evil ways
It’s too late cause everyone already knows
how weak you really are

One thought on “I Hate You”

  1. He drops his suitcase by the door,
    she knows her daddy wont be back any more,
    she drags her feet across the floor,
    trying to hold back daddy to keep him holding on,
    she says daddy,daddy dont leave,
    ill do anything to keep you,
    right here with me,
    cant you see how much i need you,
    daddy,daddy dont leave,
    mommys saying things she dont mean,
    she dont know what shes talking about somebody hear me out,
    father, listen tell her you have a home and dont have to go,
    father, stay here i will do anything in return,
    ill clean my room, try hard in school,
    ill be good,i promise you,
    father, father, i pray to you,
    now she hasnt slept in weeks,
    she dont want to close her eyes,scared that he`ll leave,
    they`ve tried just about everything,
    its getting harder for him to breath,
    but she said daddy, daddy dont leave,
    please dont let him go,im begging you so,
    i need little more time, to open his eyes,
    to let him know i love him more,
    than anything in this world,cause im DADDYS LITTLE GIRL…….

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