What’s true love

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Today I see all the things that weren’t clear to me,
I couldn’t see the real me because there were things in my way,
It was you, It was the day I met the guy of my dreams,
the guy that had made me suffer so much,
the guy that is so hard to let go & that guy is you
you had gone with the wind,
you had left me here alone,
you ┬áhad told me that you loved me but that it wasn’t gonna work,
now Im trying to figure out it was my mistake or it was yours,
I told you what love meant to you ?
you told me it meant more than what I believed,
you said that I meant so much to you that you had to let me go,
I said honey, but it’s true love,
how can you let go if you’re all I ever wanted,
you told me “babe I know but what you don’t understand is that
you mean the world to me & if anything ever happens to you i’ll die
because you’re all I love to have & you’re all I ever wanted
but I have to let you go because I love you too much to lose you”
& you let me wondering what in the world were you doing ?
you were leaving me because you loved me?
the next day after you were gone I looked up at the stars
and the most shiny one I saw I knew it was you
& then I understood what true love meant
& I learn it from you <3

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