The Master Painter

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As he started the day he knew
he had the biggest challenge he had ever faced,
So he chose the purist colors with no time to waste,
Each part he touched so lovingly
and made the colors come alive and beautifully bright,
And the work on this rare and lovely scene
took him well into the night,
When morning came a smile came upon his face
for he knew he was finally through,
And it was on that day “God” had blessed me
for it was then the painter you

2 thoughts on “The Master Painter”

  1. Good work master :) … you were not only blessed with another morning but also with good imagination skills which made you write such a nice poem … Each new morning is actually a great inspiration for every person and people should make the best use of it … your poem is one such inspiration :) … good work and do spread more inspirations through your poems :)

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