My heart is in pieces now :(

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You took my life, my smile away
you broke my heart & it was my mistake,
I trusted you with everything,
I thought that you and I were meant to be,
well I guess wrong you’re just not the one,
now Im trying to move on & I can’t
because there ain’t a day that I smile,
there ain’t a day that tears come down my face,
& it’s all my fault for trusting you,
for letting you in my life, for ignoring you,
& now that I want you with me,
there’s nothing I can do,
because you’re probably on to the next one now,
I am so stupid, I didn’t want to rush things
but now everything is ruined, Im gonna try to move along
but I know it’s gonna be hard
& Im gonna have to be strong
because it was my fault & I have to deal with it.

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