Broken Promise

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You said “Put the knife down!”
And so I did but you bounded yourself
And said “I won’t ever leave, I promise
Now it’s a year later
You’re walking away and say
It’s over, Im done!”
So after you left
I sent you a text saying
never make a promise you can’t keep
You come running back now
But only to witness my death
You run over and hold me
As I say “You promised
Now I lay dead
With a knife in my heart
You scream “No! I take it all back
But Im sorry my love
You’re just too late
You can’t take it back
You broke your promise
And since you had lied
I had to die
Now you whisper in my ear
I love you
Which is a waste since
Im in heaven now
It’s so nice and peaceful
That I hope you burn in hell
For the pain you caused
And of course for
Your broken promise

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