*The last days of sadness*

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You told me on a Sunday that It wasn’t going to work,
I cried the whole entire day because it was supposed to hurt,
I looked around & all I see was pictures of you & me,
I go ahead & looked at them bringing back memories,
I looked at you & tears started dropping down my face
where no one will catch them, where no one knows Im suffering,
I just wanted to die in that moment,
I wish I wasn’t alive & that I didn’t even exist,
I just wanted to be far far away from here,
where no one could hear me cry, where no one could see me suffer,
where no one will feel this pain that is killing me inside,
where no one was near, where I could be alone
& maybe just maybe this horrible feeling will go away,
because I won’t handle it if it stays.
I go outside for the 1st time again it’s raining so hard,
so I stand in the rain, wishing maybe this will go away,
all I could hear now is every drop that falls from the sky.
I could hear someone’s voice saying
“you don’t need to suffer anymore because Im here now,
take my hand and I will take you to a better place,
where no one gets hurt, where tears don’t exist,
& where happiness always stays
because sadness had gone away,
so take my hand today, & you’ll be fine
because you’re with me.”

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