Sweet love sweet dream

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I love your smiles, those pain sweeping smiles
They seem to take away all my burdens in life
Letting me know it would be alright

I love your eyes, those twinkling eyes
They seem to speak of a thousand words
Make me wonder each time I stare

I love your lips, those cherry red lips
They seem so sweet and perfectly shaped
Oh dear, how I wish, how I wish
I could kiss each time I get near

I love your skin, your white flawlessly soft skin
They seem so fragile, so delicately beautiful
Like a goddess, even Venus would surely envy

Oh dear, Im lost in your inexpressible loveliness
The exquisiteness of your being
Leaving me to forget the world around me
I wish you’re real, more than just a dream
Much more than just being
An apple of my eye!

2 thoughts on “Sweet love sweet dream”

  1. Hae i just LOVE your poems I write them down and send them 2 my manFrnd,
    it gets us Argung lol but he don’t unda stand thank you Im 13

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