*Never change the one you love for a person you like*

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Im sorry that you fell in love with the wrong person
because I don’t love you, Im sorry to tell you this,
it’s that everything happened too quickly
and you felt for me but I didn’t fall for you,
I wish you would forgive me because Im in pain,
but I never meant to hurt you it was all a game,
I tried telling you but you wouldn’t listen,
I tried to like you but then he arrived in my life
and he changed everything,
I know it’s too late to apologize but things happen
and I couldn’t take a step back he is and will be the love of my life,
Im sorry but Im moving along, Im sorry if I hurt you,
but in that time I was heartbroken he had  broken my heart once again,
and then you were there the one who told me you could lean on me,
the one who took care of me when I was hurt,
the one that catches every tear I drop,
the one I wish will forgive me because I know I did wrong,
and I know your love was strong,
but when it’s not meant to be there’s nothing we can do
because we were blinded from the start,
so if you ever love someone
never change them for a person you kinda like or kinda feel something for them
because sooner or later you will regret it
and I know because I have gone through it
because now that person that I loved doesn’t love me back
and doesn’t even talk to me because I played him real bad.

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