Unbelievable love that I have for you

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If I say I love you million times
Still it won’t be enough
Because I just love you so much
No one can say how much
In my heart you will always be
Forever, Forever
Here or there
Near or far
My love will be
Wherever you are

I will never leave your hand
You are everything for me
I can never see you sad
Forever I will be on your side
You are the one
You are my soul
If without you
What the reason to live in this world

I can touch the sky for you
I will always be with you
You are my life partner
No one, no one will take your place
In this world until heaven
I will never break my promise
You are the cure of my pain
You are just my man

Because ever since you have come in my life
You have completely changed my world
That makes me believe
I will love you till the end
Because it feels so great
When you are around
Happiness which I feel
No one can ever describe

7 thoughts on “Unbelievable love that I have for you”

  1. thank you Zainab for this lovely poem, im sending it to my girlfriend and i know it will touchs her heart. Keep up the good work.thank you again

  2. this poem is so cute it touched my heart deeply . it sounds like when someone will say it to you, you will love the person more than you love him all .this poem is like for a couple that love each other very very much !!

  3. that the same ways i feel
    when i'm with some that
    belong in my heart.
    no matter where they at they will
    be in my heart.
    i also write love poem and i understand
    what you mean.

  4. hi,just want to say that this poem is so cute..i love it”cuz i see that for me,i'm in trouble..cuz there's a man who didn't mind for the love I’ve for him…it's unbelievable that love!!already one year and i'm still in love with him..and i'll always love him!!

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