In Love I could believe

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I stand in the rain,
wishing this pain will go away,
I look up at the stars hoping you are doing the same,
you looked me in the eyes and I can hear you say ,
please stay with me today and never let me go away,
I know I made mistakes but you’re the one for me ,
I love you more than all of them,
because you’re the one that made me see who I really am
you’re the only one that completes that missing piece of my heart, 
you’re the one that I can’t live without, you’re the one with that wonderful smile,
the one I love to see every time you look at me,
and I said to you boy I will never let you go because you’re the one for me,
you’re the one that made me see that in love I could believe,
if you leave away from me please please just promise me that
every time you think of me make me see that you’re still next to me
even though you’re miles away just imagine am still there

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