True love sometimes comes true

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It was the day when faith seems to die
Lurking in a sense of a madman
Prowl with no direction
Lost in road of emptiness
And looking for redemption

Then there was you
Innocent and so true
Making me believe, yes it’s true Oh what a wonderful you

My first sight of my everlasting glance
With the brilliance of your face
Shines brighter than the skies
Like an angel in disguise
Surely would make me cry

Thoughts of you too strong and powerful
So passionate and yet very sincere
Is it real or merely just an act
Why you look so sad and blue
Whisper in these longing ears my love
Did someone make you cry

Let me hear your agony, for I shall feel your sorrow
Drowning in your sweet tender voice
With undying melodies of your memories
Surely would conquer my soul

Wish I could hold your hands
And quench the loneliness of your heart
Craving to embrace you in these arms
Just to keep you safe and warm

Chin up my love and let me touch your cheek
Don’t be sad for I will always be here to cheer you up
Whenever you’re down, teary and weary
Hush now my beautiful stranger, for Im here
And always be just here waiting
Waiting for your love

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