You by Noname29

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I came to you
My heart was blue
You made my day go fast
You made my day last
You’re my angel
You’re my soul
Everything was perfect
Everything was smooth
But what happened to you?
What made you change?
I followed you everywhere
I chased you around
I looked at you from a distance
My heart was torn
I let you go
I was the one to be there for you
I give you everything
But you throw it away
Did you even realize I was there?
Did you even realize I was hiding?
My heart is now sad
My heart is now gone
My love for everything
The love from my soul
My love is now gone forever
Nobody can get it back
It’s dark and cold as ice
One day you will realized that it was me
One day you will wake up and say, “I miss you”
You’ll come back to me one day
When you come back to me
It’ll be too late
I’m gone from the surface
I won’t be there anymore
This heart lures me there
You will then say, “I love you”
But that’ll be too late for you
You will cry until you can’t cry
You will wander saying, “Im sorry”
You will then hold your heart
You’ll be on your knees
You will cry for me
Until then I come back for you
Until then I forgive you
This will be a curse
This is what will happen
This is what it will go
For this broken heart of mine
You will pay…

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