Unrecognized Love

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Sweet in composure
Elegant in stance
Devine in posture
And passionate in romance

Believed to be untouchable
secretly, seeking love
Many find her desirable
She doesn’t feel the above.

Defiantly she meets him he sweeps her of her feet
In his arms, she finds comfort, for months that begin to meet

Family unaware and believing she sits at home frozen
Waiting for the man, that her parents have chosen
She is a free spirit though, and has already found love
In the arms of a common boy, found in the dirt pushed and shoved
He is not right for her, says the society where she lives
Alas it is her heart, that says he has all the love to give
They will never live happy, the family will protest
And their love never be recognized, their souls will not rest

They run far away from it all, so that they live together alone
Now they have nothing, and slowly she starts to miss home
Her family tried to find her and searched for a year
And the girl and her lover keep traveling with no money in fear
The winter months approached, and the family ended their search
Built a grave on a mountain where the little birds could perch
She knew the way home all along, anytime she could leave
But she needed to stay with him, this is what she believed

With no money and no food, they found a tiny manger to stay
And there they cuddled up and watched the winter pass away
When it was over, a man found their bodies, holding hands together
Till this day their spirits live on forever.

3 thoughts on “Unrecognized Love”

    1. IKR! that made me sad. i felt like going into the hands of my loved ones and to cry. bc recently someone brok my heart nd i still feel bad about it. I loved that poem. It makes me feel nice once that i know that ppl r risking thier lives for thir loved ones. I would do tht toatly! but the loved one does not know how much i love him back…… ?………..

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