He and She

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Will she tell me she loves me or just hold my hand?
Will he close my eyes and kiss my lips or will he take a stand
Is it me she wants or does she want more?
Does he really love me or am I just a chore
She ran away before she might do it again
I love him now more than ever I will be here till the end
I just need to see her, to know that it’s true
If he sees me and doesn’t want me, I don’t know what I’ll do
She lives far away and could do so much better
He has girls that want him, and have their act together
She’s given up once, this time she needs to stay for good
He’s known to be a player if he wanted to he could
Taking him back now is what I feel is right
I just want her in my arms to hold me through the night
I don’t need to wait to know how he feels
I love her it’s true this is just too real
Will you go out with me Sarah I want you in my life
I will share everything with you Paul, one day I’ll be your wife

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