Long for a happy end

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We grew up together,
We were close,

Time went by and it was time to graduate,
That in which I hate,

Because we would have to move on,
And have to say so long,

I moved away,
And he stayed,

It had been two years since we saw each other,
And when we did we had great laughter,

We talked about old time and our lives,
There were some things I despised,

It was time to say goodbye again,
When would we see each other when,

A few months later I heard he was engaged,
There was a big part of me that was full of rage,

Because I liked him in school,
And I still do yet I really do,

As the months doubled,
I ran into some trouble,

I had to move home,
though I moaned for so long,

I heard things didn’t go well for him,
As I prayed the lord and said amen,

I was hurt inside,
Because it looked like he wanted to cry,

He moved home,
Now I didn’t feel so alone,

We hung out a lot,
As he told me the whole plot,

I told him I liked him more than I should,
He said maybe someday if he could,

He’s my best friend,
I hope this stray will soon have a happy end!

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