Love is Lonely

For Our Dog Bess

For Our Dog Bess
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Quickly and quietly I went for the camera
as the sunlight kissed your face.
You rested there in the living room
So quiet and full of grace.

I wondered what you were dreaming of.
Were they days of long ago?
When you ran through river waters
or frolicked in the snow?

Were you off on some adventure?
Or resting from a swim?
On a bluff above the river
About to jump right in?

You used to do so many things
You could no longer do.
And as you slept in dignity
I was glad that I knew you.

I was happy you still had courage
though you could no longer bark,
That you made my daughter feel so safe
when the world around was dark.

You watched with joy as the other dogs
Would frolic to and fro,
and you hopped on hobbled hip-joints
as your legs refused to go.

Last night you left our family,
eyes closed one final time.
When you woke your legs were straightened
and your eyes could see just fine.

For the One who watches sparrows
Had seen you when you fell,
and He caught you when you closed your eyes,
and then He made you well.

We will always miss you, Bessie
No dog will fill your place.
I will think of you forevermore
With the sunlight on your face.