my LOVE is the WORLD

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What would I give for one more kiss
Or all the the things Ive so long missed?

What would I give for one more touch
Or those hugs you gave me that I loved so much?

What would I give for one more touch of your lips.
Or when you held me close with your hands on my hips?

What would I give for one more walk on the beach
Or those long passionate kisses that affected your speech?

What would I give to have you in my arms forever
Or just being so close that we were destined to be 2gether?

What would I give just to be your girl..?

The answer to all these questions my LOVE is the WORLD!!!

4 thoughts on “my LOVE is the WORLD”

  1. i really like this peom it is so sweet but i dont dont know how it feels to be in pain i have never been broken hearted i never been dumped but i hope ione day i will learn my lesson for breaking peoples heart alot i just wish i find true love one day

  2. OMG that’s DA best poem EVER!!!
    THAT REMiNDS ME OF THE mani USED TO love..
    ALL i GOT TO SAY iS…

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