I Cannot Forget You

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Here I go again
thinking if we could be together
but every time I think of you and me
there’s a tear that comes out in my eyes
Cause I know it won’t happen
Cause there’s someone else who owns your heart
and I cannot force you to love me
I try to forget you
but I just can’t, cause you’re stuck in my mind
Cause every time your eyes meet mine
it gives me chill up down my spine
Cause until now you’re all I wanted  and so much more
If you’ll just listen to what my heart says
then you’ll know what I felt to you
Cause you’re more than beautiful
Now days passed by
and I wonder why
Cause I still can’t forget you
Now I’m here without you
Sleepless nights
I’d try to close my eyes but I can’t make it
Cause every time I close my eyes
I see  you in my mind
Ever since I fell in love with you
I think about you all the time
I dream about you all the time
but I guess you’re just a dream to think
Cause like different stars that cannot meet at the same time…

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