You won’t understand

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Im tired of always putting on a show
to hide the pain inside
to pretend nothing bothers me
when deep inside it’s at its boiling
Im sick of not having a true friend
Someone who understands
Sick of everything and everbody
Everything adds up over time
Making me angry and bitter
Sometimes I don’t understand
Why I feel this way
I don’t guess I ever will
Writings on the wall
That you’re too blind to see
Just open your eyes
Now look at me
What do you see?
Sometimes I want to cry
Sometimes I want to scream
I cannot, you won’t understand
Im trying to remove a weight of my shoulders

12 thoughts on “You won’t understand”

  1. Your poem says it all. Im not a writer I cannot get the feelings down on paper but you hit every one of them. You seem pretty cool. Good job

  2. thank you for the comment… took me awhile to get it all down…..i changed the ending of the poem so it sounds a little better.

  3. that was absolutely beautiful…i couldn't write a poem to save my life but that’s exactly how i feel inside…
    keep writing cuz you have talent…

  4. hey this was a awsum poem your a awsum writer im a writer myself i write all my feelling down n make them in 2 poems but none r as good as that

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