Trailer Park Blues

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Tired of feeling helpless
Tired of being alone
I’m tired of the trailer park,
and all these trailer park blues.

I’m ashamed, embarrassed,
and sick to my stomach.
Afraid to go out, afraid of people seeing my face
I’m screaming for help!!!
or maybe sympathy I’m not quite sure,
but I know I need to get out of this place

This place makes me afraid,
afraid I’ll never have the courage to leave,
afraid it will strangle the hope and joy out of me,
afraid one day this place will finally break me
to the point there isn’t enough left for me to live.

Heart shattered and heartbroken
I continue on
I continue on for the person I am
and the person I want to be
So dear Mr. Trailer Park,
Got to hell!!!!
Take back your trailer park blues.

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