Who Came Before Us

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Humans are fickle beings,
in happiness and sorrow,
Sports fandom, marriage,
All of life. Loyalty
Is a hard thing to find.
How are people all over
In “wealthy” countries
Happy, joyful, when people
Are dying, starving sometimes
Right under their noses?
Some men, married
To beautiful women,
Are unfaithful.
Sports legends take
One misstep, suddenly
they become more
Infamous than famous.
How fine that line is.
media pundits first love,
Then hate idols in a blink
Of a hypocritical eye.
Children idolize those they see,
Yet more and more of them
Childhood heroes, those who were
GODS, fall. Drug abusers or
Adulterers, all.
McGuire, 73 home runs-
Asterisk. Woods, 73
Women – Asterisk. Clemens,
300 plus wins – Asterisk.
Baseball, football, Golf,
Singers, actors, politicians.
Who will be next?
Soldiers? Firefighters?
My grandfather?
No. The line has been
Drawn in the sand.
The public longs
For the time (in baseball)
of Kaline and Trammel;
Of Ruth, Gehrig, Maris,
Mantle, and DiMaggio;
Of Cy young and Ty Cobb,
Even of the Black Sox.
We long (in Football)
For Bart Starr, the Ice
Bowl, the Dolphins’
Domination, That first
Superbowl, they let out doves
At halftime.
We long for Teddy and FDR,
JFK, or even Ronald.
We long for honesty,
Frank Sinatra;
Big Jazz bands, unity.
no more arguing, we want
The Andy Griffith Show,
Silent films, The Wizard
Of Oz. We long for simpler
things, when children
Walked five miles uphill
Both ways in the snow
Just to learn to write.
We long for the golden
Age of cultural memory
when everything was
Good and clean and pure.
And so did those
Who came before us.

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