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The way that I feel, as I sit all alone.
Is the one kind of feeling that I try not to show.
Should I say what I feel or keep to myself?
Being quiet would be better, because talking doesn’t help.
As I think to myself, what should I do?
Several feelings cross my heart, but which one is true?
I think that I’ve learned not to follow my heart.
The more that I feel, we get farther apart.
I feel that my heart gets colder by day.
I try to fight it, but I get pushed away.
Even when I try, nothing feels fine.
Why should I try, it just wastes my time.
My heart feels jaded cuz I feel so much pain.
But I get these feelings that I can’t explain.
They say that it’s love, but who really knows?
What is love, and how does it show?
It can make you smile, at times that are good.
It can make you do things you thought you never would.
How can we tell if love is really true?
Nobody can, it’s all up to you.
But even when you try, and get nothing in return.
It makes you feel that you have a lot to learn.
Is it really worth all the time you blow.
When you try and try, but feel all alone.
Nobody understands my feelings that I feel.
They say it’ll be okay, but I don’t think it will.
My perspective doesn’t matter to anybody else.
I guess that’s okay, so I keep it to myself.
I hoped there was a chance for things to work out.
But guess I was wrong, I should have no doubt.
So I’ll be alone for all eternity.
Maybe it’s better for all of you and me.
If this is how it feels for everything above.
I just want to say “I can’t do it, FUCK LOVE”

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