Leap of Faith

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What is it that makes you want to feel?
If it’s with your heart, if it’s fake or is it real.
You give all you got, until you can’t give anymore.
That will let you know, if what you feel is for sure.
Because when you have given all that you can.
That is when you see, who’ll give that extra hand.
The one that is there, when you open your eyes.
And the one that is honest, not just full of lies.
You make each other happy, from beginning to the end.
The one you can count on to be more than your friend.
How can you tell if your choice was a mistake?
If every time you think of it, it just makes you ache.
How do you know if this is the one that should stay?
When you think about it and it seems like yesterday.
They say that you will know, when the one comes for you.
What if we are blind and don’t even have a clue.
Or if we have had bad choices in the past.
How do we know, that this is the one that will last.
How will we ever know, if this one will be great?
They tell us we won’t know, to take the leap of faith.

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