The Past

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As I think about how my past has been.
I know I’m not perfect, but how do I win?
What have I done, that feels like it’s right?
Nothing I can think of, not even worth a fight.
All has been mistakes, through everything I see.
Maybe that’s not it, I think the mistake is me.
I cause everybody grief, about anything I do.
Life would be better if it’s, not me, just you.
Would anybody notice, if I wasn’t here?
Probably so, but nobody would care.
It’ll just be another day, even if they did.
Tomorrow, you’re the past and your name is rarely said.
So give them all something, to remember us by.
But when I go away, I want nobody to cry.
Life has been a memory, that we all have been through.
So just let me go, at least it was me not you.

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