Thoughts in Our Heart

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Loving is one thing, that will break your heart.
It will make you do things, that you wouldn’t do from the start.
It will give you feelings, that you thought didn’t exist.
It is what makes you, feel when you’re missed.
It makes one believe, there’s a chance and have no doubt.
That I might have the one, which I can’t live without.
My heart starts to feel, and we’re always happy together.
Thinking this is the one, that we were meant for each other.
Don’t let your guards down, because you’ve opened up your heart.
This is where the things, just start to fall apart.
It causes you to lose, the faith in what was love.
It makes you hate in spite, of all the things above.
We start to lose the feelings of anything we found.
It makes you hate the world and everything around.
Once our heart has been, taken and abused.
We never know what’s next, because we are confused.
We want to believe, that all happens for a reason.
What would that be, that I was meant to be alone?
So I lock my heart away, and throw away the key.
I will not let anyone, do this again to me.
I feel that I am fighting, a battle I’ll never win.
So I don’t think I’ll ever get that close again.
I walk down the road, by myself and all alone.
Maybe that’s the better way, for me and everyone.
Who knows which comes first, the right one or death.
Until I see that day,  I won’t hold my breath.
Some of us will never find, happiness in our heart.
Maybe I was meant to be, alone from the start.

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