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As I open my eyes, I think all about
What I have done wrong, to live in such a doubt.
Is there any way, to make it better again?
Life is a game that you will never win.
We try to make the best of what we can at the time.
Who knew it could all change at the drop of a dime?
The world crashes around you at the blink of an eye.
Nothing will work out, even if you try.
People all just think that I am negative.
I try to explain that there’s no other way to live.
If I try to think that it all will be good.
Then something else will happen, worse than it should.
So then I just plan all the things to go bad.
Because when I didn’t, I lost everything I had.
So I try to start over, hoping all is well.
Then it falls apart and makes my life a hell.
I quit trying to live expecting things to work my way.
I just open my eyes and live life day by day.

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