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If my Heart was Beowulf, a hero,
I’ll fight any crucial foe;
And if I fall;
I want to stand just to answer your call.
Even if how big or strong the foe is;
I’ll always volunteer my fist!
I’ll use no swords, armor nor weapons;
Instead, I’ll fight for just a reason!
For just a mission;
For just a sacrifice;
Even Death is the price
And that’s to love you until my last breath;
And all I request, is that you will always remember my DEATH!

2 thoughts on “Hero”

  1. If you succeed in your mission even death would fear to near you … Every person has the ability to make his heart like a Beowulf but and it actually turns out be one if we want what we always desired for and like your said most importantly the desire should be burning in heart till our last breathe … thanks for sharing this beautiful rhyme…

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